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We Are A Full Service Company

CASA Solutions has a wide range of residential and commercial services to keep your home and workspace in top condition.  We can repair, maintain or improve the plumbing system with our courteous, experienced and licensed plumbers.

Our Services:

  • General Plumbing Work – Residential & Commercial
  • Leak Detection & Leak Repairs
  • Solar & Heat Pump Installations
  • Solar & Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Drain Cleaning – High Pressure Jetting 
  • Drain Cleaning – Electromechanical Rooter Machine
  • Geysers – New Installations
  • Geyser Maintenance – Valves / Thermostats / Elements / Anodes
  • Soak Pits
  • Septic Tank Connection
  • Drain Laying – Sewer Line / Storm Water

For All Your Home Plumbing Need

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Leak detection services

Leak detection is a process of elimination of possible causes of leaks CASA Solutions specialized equipment to locate leaks within structures, above and underground.  We are also quite successful in detecting pool leaks in the amflow and have specialized rooter machines to remove plant roots and obstacles from sewer lines.

Drain Cleaning Specialists

We offer specialized electromechanical rooter machine services to remove plant roots and obstacles from sewer -, storm water lines and drainage systems.  Wine Farms & Estates generally have a problem with winery waste solids (tartaric acid) clogging the pipes, but CASA Solutions are well experienced and equipped with this specialized machinery, including rooter machines and high pressure jetting to service and maintain the lines.

Plumbing Work – Residential / Commercial

Does your plumbing company solve all of your plumbing problems?  CASA Solutions strive to give you complete satisfaction with both our service and plumbers being 100% guaranteed.

Our Mission

As licensed plumbing & drain professionals, we know the value of speed and skill.

CASA Solutions strives to provide their customers with the best quality service and products and to have happy and returning customers.  We want to build a long-term relationship and will earn your trust.  Our team is experienced, trained, diligent and honest.

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We offer more than just plumbing

Offering the best service in the Western Cape is our mission.

Home or Commercial.

You Name It, We’ll Be there.

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We accept card payments via Yoco